CallConfirmLive Monitoring!

CallConfirmLive! Monitoring

CallConfirmLive! is a fully hosted, Web enabled electronic monitoring solution providing accurate, real-time care visit data via the internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CallConfirmLive! does away with paper time sheets and allows customers to electronically log, analyse and report on home care delivery, ensuring a cost effective and quality assured home care service.

Using the CallConfirmLive! Visits screen, it is possible to see at-a-glance how a home care service is performing and to become immediately aware of any potential failings. Office staff know the real-time whereabouts of their Care Workers and can take proactive action should visits start to be delivered late, or should a visit be missed. The system provides instant alerts for missed or late calls together with a comprehensive range of performance related reports.

CM2000 has monitored in excess of 150 million calls and currently has over 48,000 Care Workers and 74,000 Service Users utilising the system daily.

CallConfirmLive! offers a range of data capture options including CM2000's patented unanswered AURA technology. We also offer answered callback, Box 10 and digital pens to ensure we can meet the needs of all Providers and Service Users including those without landline telephones and situations where visit feedback is required. Our latest range of Mobile Workforce Monitoring Solutions include Advanced RFID and QR Code.

CallConfirmLive! is one of the most comprehensive, cost effective and innovative electronic monitoring solutions designed specifically for the homecare sector and holds the Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation. The system is highly configurable and additional features can be easily added to meet specific requirements. CallConfirmLive! can interface with all major Council care management and finance systems as well as major scheduling/rostering systems. Implementation is professionally managed by PRINCE II practitioners and we operate a helpdesk providing comprehensive telephone support. CallConfirmLive! offers total peace of mind with offsite data storage / management, daily data backup and comprehensive business continuity facilities and procedures. CM2000 is accredited to BS25999 for business continuity, providing independent validation that we have best practice procedures in place to ensure our resilience to any form or level of disruption.

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